Young Generation Tour

Silvia Sviteková: Memory of Concrete
Alica Šaling: Stories Consuming Motherhood
Lukáš Zahy: Wallinwall

Skrzprst Production brings together three young creators, graduates of the Dance Theater and Performance at the Academy of Performing Arts (Bratislava), in one evening. Silvia Sviteková, Alica Šaling, Lukáš Zahy and their personal artistic statements. Each very specific in its theme, which stems from their own experiences and perspectives, but extends beyond the personal and touching the society. Three divers attitudes to three different social phenomena and with a special approach to performance as such.

Silvia Sviteková in her solo Memory of Concrete explores and creates possible connections between the body and the object: visually, qualitatively, but especially personally. Revealing her own experience, Alica Šaling asks questions about her motherly position in society in the solo Stories Consuming Motherhood. Lukáš Zahy’s Wallinwall is a metaphor for internal contradiction and examines the identity of the individual in today’s controversially presented LGBTI topics.

Length: 55 min.