Lukáš Zahy: Wallinwall

The wallinwall stands firm, quiet. Without being changed in any way, it lets itself be worn out by external factors. It stands alone. Someone determined that it would be somewhere there exactly in the space and it is still there until now. It doesn’t know why it is there. It obeys, it does not oppose.

Photo: Martin Bača (SHARE, 2019)

Performance: Lukáš Zahy
Choreography: Lukáš Zahy, Cyril Baldi, Petra Hauerová
Dramaturgy: Vladislav Šoltýs, Alexandra Pazgu, Marta Poláková, Cyril Baldi
Music: W.A. Mozart, G. Bizet, G. Rossini
Light Design: Lukáš Zahy
Costume: Pavol Dendis
Story: Lukáš Zahy, Petra Hauerová