Yuri Korec & Co.

Yuri Korec & Co. is a project platform and art brand of a choreographer and performer Juraj Korec. Artistic collaborations resulting in works of contemporary dance are created on its basis. Since 2017, when the full-length dance performance d-BODY-m was presented under this brand, several other works have been produced and successfully presented, including a lecture performance Solo Not Just for One Body (2018), a solo performance Not a Solo (2018) and a group performance Sapiens Territory (2020). The thematic focus of Yuri Korec & Co. works of art is a phenomenon of the presence of the human body and its interaction with the outside world.

The creative techniques are characterized by experimenting with the movement form in interaction with other art media and exploring the relationship between actors and recipients of the performances. The production of the artistic collaborations of Yuri Korec & Co. is covered by the civic association Skrzprst, which, in addition to educational activities in the field of contemporary dance and new approaches to movement, also cooperates with the youngest generation of dance artists.

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Ne-činnosť, a case performative study Festival Kiosk, Žilina


Movement class for the participants of the workshop Festival Kiosk Žilina


Trinity Laban, Dance Faculty, London


Gallery Umelka Bratislava

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Expose yourself to the body

What does it mean to expose the body? To place it in a situation where we begin to pay attention to it. That body can be our own body, but also the bodies of others. And that situation can be a thoughtfully composed scene, but also a banal episode. Does every exhibition of the body have its own curator? Does the site of the body on display automatically become a gallery?
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4. – 10. 11. 2022


NEW BODIES is a workshop/research and creative session exploring the emotionality and expressivity of the body set in another reality – or otherwise – the agency of the body in contact with technologies. What do you look like when you’re running away from an elephant in VR? How do you look when you’re typing a message about laughing?
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Empathy in Art

Where does the body end and the templates into which we squeeze it every day begin? Is it still possible to distinguish them at all, or have they grown into inseparable scrum over the years, like a broken leg in plaster? In Sapiens Territory, Yuri Korec deals with the violence we commit against ourselves in order to disguise ourselves while we are. But also by force
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In the positive spirit of corporeality

The year 2020 could be described as a very long train ride through the carpal tunnel. Crowds in coupes, opening windows, or secretly going out into the hallway for a common chat, where we can be caught by an auditor if we don't have a valid ticket.
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Yuri Korec: "It still surprises me"

Today I'm talking to my longtime friend who swims in the waters of contemporary dance. He is a performer, choreographer, he is a graduate of the Faculty of Music and Dance of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, he was a member of the professional dance theater Studio Tanca in Banská Bystrica and he has a hill on his account.
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Habibi 2196-18


Sapiens Territory