Yuri Korec & Co.: The STORY

Friday 21st of June, 2024 at 7 pm, New Synagogue in Žilina, Slovakia

photo by Elene Epkhoshvili

Inspired by sci-fi poetics, in which the human body often finds itself in unusual, even inhospitable conditions and faces surprising challenges, choreographer Juraj Korec and the creative team create a specific playground for five dancing bodies. Space-time coordinates do not apply in it, there is no horizon, so seemingly there is neither past nor progress. Movement is possible, but only back. Where can you go if you can only backtrack? Who is this five, why and how did they end up there? Where do they want to get if they keep leaving acquaintances? Each separately and finally together. At what point did their story stop and what do they actually face in the captivity of an inexorable algorithm?

The expressivity of the bodies is tamed, dense and relentless. Their story emerges in subtle nuances, in fragments of movement and its cessation. Some parts of the story seem important, others are fleeting and interchangeable with many others, just like the thousands of micro-stories that are written into our bodies every day.

The international co-production dance project PRÍBEH brings reflection on the way to tell stories with the body using a radical strategy that offers the audience the observation of bodily identities in a truly voyeuristic space, in which the views of the performer and the spectator never meet. In the moments of birth and re-disappearance of characters‘ identities, the motivations of their actions are outlined. The project is part of Juraj Korec’s broader and long-term interest in the performativity of the body within contemporary dance and visual media and is a follow-up to the interdisciplinary research project Expose yourself to a body. The stage work itself began its story with a residency as part of the Kiosk 2023 festival and culminated in a residency and premiere in the central space of the New Synagogue in June 2024. The work is also followed by the movement installation Not a story presented in a gallery environment.

Concept and choreography: Juraj Korec

Choreography and performance: Alexandra Mireková, Eli Hooker / Lukáš Bobalik,

Eva Priečková, Jakob Jautz, Silvia Sviteková 

Dramaturgy: Maja Hriešik

Scenography: Jakub Kopec

Sound design: Matúš Bolka

Graphic design: Kristína Šebejová

Production: Martin Krištof, Skrzprst

Co-production: CieLAROQUE / helene weinzierl

Artistic residencies: tanz_house Salzburg, Divadlo Štúdio tanca, Banská Bystrica, New Synagogue in Žilina

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council

Supported using public funding by European Union implemented by Goethe Institute

Partners: New synagogue in Žilinatanz_house SalzburgPlast – Platforma pre súčasný tanecTelocvičňa – Rezidenčné centrum pre tanecDivadlo Štúdio tanca, CieLAROQUE / helene weinzierl