Silvia Bakočková

A graduate of the Eva Jazová Dance Conservatory and the Dance Department at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. She published a summary of her university research in a series of articles in Tanec magazine. As a teacher, she collaborated with the Slovak national team in synchronized swimming, where she sought an effective setting for the relationship between intuitive, instinctive, and controlled movement in sport. As a performer, she has collaborated with choreographers as Willi Dorner (Bodies in Urban Spaces) and Yuri Korec (Sapiens Territory). She is currently studying business management at the City University of Seattle and applies her managerial skills in the Contemporary Dance Platform (PlaST), where she has worked on projects: Slovak Dance Platform, Dance Season, Re/branding of contemporary dance. At the moment, she also works as a teacher of modern and contemporary dance at the Private Conservatory in Nitra and at the Private Art School Tralaškola.