Michal Toman

A Czech professional dancer, performer, acrobat, dance teacher, photographer, and Capoerist; graduate of the Modern Dance Master's study at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. As an Erasmus+ student, he studied a program of Dance and Choreography at Falmouth University (UK), where he also started to create his own artwork with the performance Of Fear and Desire. He is currently a member of the Prague physical theater ensemble Burki&com as well as of the largest international capoeira association in the world, ABADA Capoeira. In Capoeira, he holds a green (teacher's) belt, many medal placements and titles (e.g. The 2019 Visegrad Four Master). He has collaborated on various art projects (dance performances, films, etc.) both at home and abroad. He has collaborated with artists such as: Jana Burkiewicz (Pink Samurai), Viktor Konvalinka (iMucha show), Simona Machovičová (School of the Jealous), Marek Ťapák (Nero and Seneca), Emil Leeger (Salome 1.2.4.), Marta Poláková (Feeling the Invisible).