Not a Solo


“During a performance, I feel a paradoxical perceptive situation. Although as a performer, I am an object of your interest, observation, and perception, the fact that I am a subject (hence myself) does not change.”

The topic of Yuri’s newest performance comes right out of his theoretical research at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava.
In the centre of the attention there is a frame of performative body as the ultimate communication medium – the frame going much further than the limited linearity of language codes. Do not miss a chance of being part of this performative meta-narrative.

Choreography & performance: Yuri Korec
Dramaturgy: Maja Hriešik & Jakub Turčan
Music: Matúš Bolka
Light Design: Jojo blue
Graphic Design: Ivana Kleinová
Production: Skrzprst/Jakub Turčan

Première: 29 September 2018, TICHO a spol. theatre, Bratislava

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

Záhrada – Centrum nezávislej kultúry, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
L1danceFest 2018 in co-operation with Szlovák Intézet – Budapest / Slovak Institute in Budapest, Hungary

Not a Solo at Contemporary Dance Platform (PlaST) website

Not a Solo in cultural review of RTVS: Umenie, 3 April 2019 [13’15”-18’24”]