Maja Hriešik

A dramaturg, lecturer, and researcher. Born in Novi Sad, ex-Yugoslavia, living in Slovakia since the late '90s, where she completed MA studies in Aesthetics and Theatre Directing and Dramaturgy. She works as a freelance performance artist in the field of opera and dance, curator for festivals, international presentations of Slovak dance and workshop programmes for emerging performers. She was editor-in-chief of a dance magazine Salto (2006-2011), regularly publishes texts on dance and hosts a programme on public space and activism on Slovak public radio. Gradually, she has devoted herself more to production dramaturgy, collaborating with Slovak and Czech choreographers of different generations. She published a book of essays entitled On Corporeal Dramaturgies in Contemporary Dance (2013) and is a lecturer at the Dance Department of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (classes on dance dramaturgy, history and aesthetics of dance). She is a founding member of PlaST – Contemporary Dance Platform, the aim of which is to advocate for better conditions and visibility of Slovak contemporary dance.