Jakob Jautz

Born in Tübingen, he studied Contemporary Circus - a year in Berlin and another at Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Arts, Netherlands. He graduated with a major in dance and choreography at SEAD in 2018. Since then, he has been working, amongst others, with: Needcompany - Jan Lauwers (BE), Piergirogio Milano (IT), Grupe Nuits (FR), as well as with Milla Koistinen in Berlin. Driven by desire to share his own works and collaborate with others, he created/co-created and performed works as: It is Not This or This is Not It which was created at Megaro Athens Concerthall, You Can Not Open An Open Door; his solo work Traces, as well as the piece Sketches of Togetherness with his collective Table (premiere: summer 2020 in Basel). He is a co-creator of PACT: Performing Arts Collective Tübingen, a society founded to improve working conditions of freelancing artists and cultural improvement of Tübingen and its surroundings.