Eva Priečková

An independent movement artist whose main fascination is artistic overlaps from dance towards experimental music, observation of movements in various ecosystems, to movement installations and physical performances. She leads regular creative dance classes for the public called Beeing flow. In her research, she refutes the concept of dance virtuosity and perfectly controlled and trained body, focusing on the phenomenon of movement in everyday life and its development in the community. Her starting point is a shared and embodied experience. With the help of simple assignments, she tries to draw attention to individual needs and capacities of the body, to stimulate free creativity without an evaluation system, or to create a dogmatic movement vocabulary. As a movement artist and facilitator of dance education, she considers the importance of cooperation across disciplines, experimental approach to the body and collective sharing outside the situations in dance studios to be important. She is currently also working on her doctoratre research at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno.