Sensory Understanding


This site-specific performance brings its spectators a new experience of contemporary dance in an unusual space of a café. The main focus of the piece is on the maximal use of senses which are a gateway of feeling and understanding, not only the dance, but the world around us and ourselves in it as well. Sensory memory is the starting point. It creates the basis for exploration of the relations among the visual, verbal, and non-verbal aspect of the expression – from mechanics to sensation, from mind to feelings.

Choreography: Marta Poláková, Yuri Korec, Peter Šavel
Directed by: Tomáš Procházka
Concept: Marta Poláková
Performance: Lukáš Bobalik, Barbora Janáková, Eva Priečková, Andrej Štepita, Simona Tonková
Live music: Tibor Feledi, Martin Polák
Costumes: Martina Golianová
Production: B in Motion, mimoOs

Première: 05 October 2015 at URBAN HOUSE, Bratislava, Slovakia