Six male figures emerge from the darkness. Just like spectres, they descend from the bowels of a deserted pool. Waiting for one another. The darkness sets them free, rouses their passion.

We are offered an insight into the most intimate insides of a man. Hidden desires, suppressed instincts, unsaid feelings. Under the veil of darkness, everything slowly creeps up to the top. Enter with us into the dark and let yourself go.

Screenplay: Peter Bebjak & Yuri Korec
Music: Adam Kuruc
Choreography: Yuri Korec
Director of photography: Martin Žiaran
Directed by: Peter Bebjak
Cast: Raymond Roa, Joclécio De Azevedo Moura, Joao Mannel Machado Da Costa, Tomáš Krivošík, Emil Píš, Jaroslav Viňarský
Editor: Ondrej Azor
Sound engineer: Peter Monček
Production: Peter Bebjak & Rasťo Šesták for D.N.A. Production LDT.

Festival history:
Hybaj ho!, Contemporary Slovak Dance Festival Prague, Czech Republic, 2009
Tanz_Haus Festival, Salzburg, Austria, 2009
International Film Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2008
Film Festival Zlatá Praha, Prague, Czech Republic, 2008
Festival international du film sur l’art, Montreal, Canada, 2008