beat it

Dance performance as a result of coaching project workshop. Five dancers are playing with connections between different elements of music and physical expression. Exploring an opera aria they find a habitual dependence of music and body. They break the connections they discover and connect them again, creating a new, sometimes absurd order.

Choreography & Concept: Yuri Korec

Performing & choreography: Martina Rösler

Natalia Pieczuro

Rebekka Böhene

Siri Clinckspoor

Tana Ziegler

Music collage: W. A. Mozart – The queen of the night (performed by Gruberova/                                                         Haitink), Williams/Burns – The glory (????) of the human voice

Coaching by: Yuri Korec

Erich Rudolf

Helene Weinzierl

Premiere: April 3rd 2009, Lange Nacht des Tanzes, Salzburg