Pocitové RozUmenie

Choreography : Marta Poláková, Yuri Korec, Peter Šavel

Directed by : Tomáš Procházka

Live Music: Martin Polák,Tibor Feledi

Performers: Simona Droppanová, Barbora Janáková, Eva Priečková, Lukáš Bobalík, Branislav Bašista, Andrej Štepita

A performance in an unusual space gives the audience a new perspective on contemporary dance. The choreographers´s aim is to use senses to the maximum, as senses are the gate to perception and understanding of not only dance, but the world around us and ourselves within it. Sensory memory is the foundation and starting point of exploring the meaning of visual, verbal and non-verbal aspects of expression – from mechanics to sensations, from reason to feelings.

The scenes are created in the immediate vicinity of the audience. Performers and their actions are almost at our fingertips, so the audience may respond more actively then is common in the darkness of a theatre auditorium. A more active participation in the situation stimulates the viewers´ perception and understanding of movement and its components.

The form, that is the movement vocabulary of the performance, is based on the environment, using the visual and architectural aspects of the unusual venue as stage elements. At the same time the environment influences the feelings and experiences of the performers and thus shapes the contents of their movement vocabulary.

The project is supported by grants of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.