Six male figures emerge from the darkness. Just like spectres, they descend from the bowels of a deserted pool. Waiting for one another. The darkness sets them free, rouses their passion.

We are offered an insight into the most intimate insides of a man. Hidden desires, suppressed instincts, unsaid feelings. Under the veil of darkness, everything slowly creeps up to the top. Enter with us into the dark and let yourself go..

screenplay by Peter Bebjak & Yuri Korec

music by Adam Kuruc

choreography by Yuri Korec

director of photography Martin Žiaran

directed by Peter Bebjak


Raymond Roa

Joclécio De Azevedo Moura

Joao Mannel Machado Da Costa

Tomáš Krivošík

Emil Píš

Jaroslav Viňarský

edited by Ondrej Azor

sound engineer Peter Monček

produced by Peter Bebjak & Rasťo Šesták for D.N.A. Production LDT.

History of participation in festivals:

Festival international du film sur l’art Montreal / Canada (March 2008)

Filmový festival Zlatá Praha / Czech republik (May 2008)

International Film Festival Bratislava / Slovakia (December 2008)

Tanz Haus Festival Salzburg / Austria (October 2009)

Hybaj ho!, Contemporary Dance Festival Praha / Czech republik (2009)