d-BODY-m, a dance performance, two solos happening in the same time. The phenomenon of body memory expressed by a nonlinear, multilayered and in-cycled choreography.  Premiered in February 2017 in Arteatro Bratislava.


Pocitové RozUmenie, a dance performance, site specific created and performed in Urban House, a popular café in Bratislava in cooperation with Marta Poláková, Peter Šavel, Tomáš Procházka, premiered in September 2015, Bratislava

20/20 vision or from Break On, the whole evening dance performance dedicated to the 20th anniversary of cieLaroque/Helene Weinzierl, premiered in June 2015, ARGEkultur, Salzburg


Axiomatické lákadlo, a dance performance created for the students of Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, premiered in October 2014 in Theater Lab DF VŠMU, Bratislava


301 3 01 IS IT ME, a solo dance performance in cooperation with cielaroque/Helene Weinzierl, premiered with the Austrian band Tanzbaby in May 2013 in Festspielhaus, Linz

Zero, a solo multimedia dance performance, in cooperation with cielaroque/Helene Weinzierl, premiered in October 2013


h a b i t a t, multimedia dance performance produces by Tanzplan Dresden, premièred in June 2010 in Kleine Szene Semper Oper Dresden (details)

VoiceS, dance film, in cooperation/cooproduction with Peter Bebjak/d.n.a. production and   HeleneWeinzierl/cielaroque, planned première in autumn 2010


beat it, coaching project dance performance, premièred at Long dance night Salzburg


DARKROOM, dance film, cooperation with Peter Bebjak, d.n.a.production, Bratislava


new bit – new beat, solo performance, premièred at Tanz House Festival 06 Salzburg


ph-neutral, cooperation with A. Petrovič, T. Halaby, showed at Long dance night Kaaitheater Bruxelles, BE


The Day, dance film, cooperation with A. Petrovič, J.Vlk,


Na vlnách TV, dance performance, Dance Company Akcent Ostrava Czech Republic


Žltý autobus, theatre play, premièred at Staré divadlo Nitra with director: O. Spišák


Tanec o láske, student performance, Ateliér pohybu Dvorana Bratislava